• Find great Android libraries. Experience them with our Virtual Installer. Get inspired.

    People want to use great apps. But how do you make a great app? You build on the shoulders of giants. Exciting and innovative libraries exist that can help you create an app your users will love. We make discovering and evaluating these libraries as easy as pressing a button. Watch our video to see how.

  • Virtual Installer

    Our technology creates a simulated Android environment within the DevAppsDirect app. This environment enables Android apps to be run without the Play Store or side loading. We call it In-App App Distribution. Learn more and sign up for our beta SDK at www.inAppSquared.com
  • Use any RSS app

    DevAppsDirect can be used with any RSS app. Simply install DevAppsDirect then add our feed to your favoriate RSS app. When you click on the main link you will be prompted to open it with DevAppsDirect. See the end of our video above for an example.
  • Share links

    Use DevAppsDirect share links to the demos on your favorite social network. If someone clicks on one of these links and they do not have DevAppsDirect installed they will be taken to a website where they can install our app. See the FAQ for more details.