50,000 Demo Milestone

  • Posted: May 6, 2013 /
  • By: Kenneth

We are proud to announce that DevAppsDirect has enabled Android developers to run over 50,000 library demos! To celebrate this milestone we wanted to do something special, so we created the DevAppsDirect Android library rankings.

The rankings are calculated based on the number of times the demo is run within DevAppsDirect. To be eligible a library must be available in DevAppsDirect for more than 14 days. The rankings DO NOT reflect actual usage in Android apps, only their relative popularity in DevAppsDirect. There will be a future post detailing exactly how the rankings are calculated.

We want to thank everyone for making DevAppsDirect successful. We are in awe at the positive response. 107 reviews with an average of 5 stars! We also really enjoy hearing about libraries you have discovered and integrated into your apps.

These success stories are the reason we created DevAppsDirect and we want to share them with more people. A future version of DevAppsDirect will showcase Android apps that use featured Android libraries. If you want your app included email us at contact@inAppSquared.com and tell us the name of your app and the library(ies) you used along with screen shots.

DevAppsDirect is an Android developers best friend. Use DevAppsDirect to find great libraries and experience them with our virtual installer. This means you are a button press away from dozens of Android library demos. Get it on the Play Store

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