• Distribute Apps on Android without the Play Store or Side Loading

    Our In-App App Distribution platform enables any Android app to distribute and run other Android apps. Until now Google's Play Store defined how people discovered and experienced apps. We are giving you the tools to create something even better. Watch our video to learn more.

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  • Freedom

    No one has control of content distribution on the web. You decide when your site is updated and what version of your site each user receives. But on mobile this freedom doesn't exist. The people running the Play Store don't think you can handle it. We think they are wrong.
  • Choice

    App stores are all the same. They are your only retail distribution channel on mobile and they are treated like a commodity product. This is because they have no competition and therefore no incentive to innovate. We created inAppSquared so you can challenge the app stores.
  • Opportunity

    Wouldn't it be great if native apps could run in a browser like a web page? Or if there was a StumbleUpon service that not only showed you but let you try great apps? What if you could distribute bug fixes for your app as soon as you fix them? All of these ideas and so many more are possible. What will you come up with?

inAppSquared in action

DevAppsDirect enables Android developers to discover and experience great Android libraries using the inAppSquared library. Install it from the Google Play Store.

  • Help developers make great apps
  • Share the libraries using links
  • Run the demos from any Android RSS app